15 Okt 2015

Smart Tools v9.0 For Android


Smart Tools v9.0 For Android | 6.4 MB
Smart Tools offers you the ultimate tool box app with 33 powerful smart tools in the box. It is almost a must to have it on your phone, like carrying a swiss army knife. Ruler, Level meter, Smart speedometer, Smart light, Smart sound meter, Location (map), Smart distance meter, Smart speed gun, Compass, Magnifier, Mirror, Protractor, Stopwatch, Metal detector, Vibrometer, Luminosity meter, Color sensor, Smart converter, Smart microphone, Metronome, Pitch tuner, Code scanner, NFC reader, Cardiograph, Dog whistle, Random generator, Time zones, Thermometer, Drag Racing, Battery tester, Counter, Calculator, Night Vision. Tools support both unit formats (metric/imperial) and several languages.1. Ruler
Measure dimensions and angles of different objects. No calibration needed.
2. Level meter
Check the surface levels.
3. Smart speedometer
Displays you the speed on a racing-style gauge using GPS. It also records maximum speed, average speed, traveled distance and a current slope.
4. Smart light
Use it as a manual torch light, as a strobe light or as a music light show.
5. Smart sound meter
Monitor the current sound pressure level and its spectrum.
6. Location (map)
Shows your current location on the map, current GPS coordinates and the altitude.
7. Smart distance meter
Measure distance and height of different objects using smart algorithm.
8. Smart speed gun
Measure speed of moving objects using smart algorithm.
9. Compass
Will help you discover the right direction.
10. Magnifier
Magnify small objects that are hard to see. It also includes a flash light.
11. Mirror
See yourself using the front facing camera.
12. Protractor
Measure the slope of any object using your camera and imaginary weight.
13. Stopwatch
Measure the time accurately. It also includes the countdown option.
14. Metal detector
Detect magnetic field of nearby materials and observe it on real time chart.
15. Vibrometer
Observe real time seismograph data, based on Richter scale. The algorithm is auto-calibrating.
16. Luminosity meter
Measure the environmental luminosity (Lux).
17. Color sensor
Capture the color of any object in RGB format through your camera.
18. Smart converter
Convert between different currencies and physical units. Currencies are updated automatically.
19. Smart microphone
Use your phone as an external mic or as a megaphone. Input/output can be switched between internal, AUX, and BT. It also includes an equalizer.
20. Metronome
Classic metronome with adjustable tempo.
21. Pitch tuner
Tune the pitch of your voice or musical instruments. It can also play the corrected tone.
22. Code scanner
Scan bar and QR codes quickly with your camera.
23. NFC reader
Read NFC tags.
24. Cardiograph
Measure your heart rate with a camera and observe a real time pulse chart. Smart algorithms are used to filter the noise.
25. Dog whistle
Choose between different high-pitched sounds and volumes to call your dog.
26. Random generator
Generate random numbers from custom range.
27. Time zones
Displays current time at any location.
28. Thermometer
Displays current temperature, humidity and air pressure.
29. Drag Racing
Measure the performance of your vehicle. You can switch between different acceleration and brake tests. It includes an auto start/stop function and a chart.
30. Battery tester
Test your device's battery.
31. Night Vision
See objects in dark areas, using the device's camera.
32. Calculator
Make basic calculations.
33. Counter
Helps you with counting objects.
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Requires Android: 2.3 and up
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